20' and 40' Container Rental


Mobile Storage containers have become a very popular means of storing your contents. Containers are available to rent. We bring our storage container to your location. This offers a secure convenient option from mini storage facilities. Our containers are built out of tough 14 gauge cortens steel. 

Is a container by another name just the same?

Storage containers have various names. You may have heard a variety of terms, like shipping containers, sea containers, conex boxes, sea cans, mini boxes, pods and cargo containers. To be clear, our units are all steel, iso, shipping containers that work perfectly for storage.


Why rent a storage container?

  • *Perfect for temporary storage
  • *20' Containers are just right for small spaces
  • *40' Containers are for your extra large projects
  • *Super secure lock boxes and steel construction
  • *Delivery available throughout metro Atlanta, GA

Who Uses Permanent or Temporary Storage Containers?

We work with everybody! Examples of the kinds of organizations we work with include:

  • Construction Companies and Job sites
  • Health Care Institutions (Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Laboratories, Veterinary Clinics)
  • Colleges and Universities, School Boards, Public and Private Schools, School Districts
  • Religious Institutions
  • Government Agencies-Counties, Cities, State and Federal Government
  • Commercial and Industrial Organizations, Manufacturers, Warehouses
  • Sports and Recreation Organizations
  • Retail Establishments (Shops, Restaurants, etc.)
  • The Atlanta film industry for props, green screens and more